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The below is taken from the most common questions I get asked by new clients coming across my biz and wanting to know how we can work together :)

It's mostly about Vector & Laser Setup but also applies to other design things too! Give it a read and if you've still got questions ~ get in touch.

So, how does this work?

Well, basically, I’m a designer who can help you design anything you may need for your small biz - from business cards, backing cards for your jewellery, custom tissue paper and social media assets – for a full list of my services, see here. I also specialise in custom artwork for acrylic jewellery designers. I can create your design ‘line for line’ from your sketch, or if you need a bit of extra design input from me I can work from a rough concept and design you something unique for your label. I love working with new emerging labels and start ups to create unique well-informed branding and a suite of graphics and collateral to get you started. I have packages tailored to suit new biz, that include branding and social media assets to help get you ready to launch!


Who do you work with?

I work with makers, indie labels, artists, musicians and small businesses who understand and appreciate the value of good design, are happy and friendly and willing to work a little outside the box. If you’re looking for dirt cheap and churn and burn speed, I’m perhaps not the designer for you J It’s important that we are a good fit to work together – your time is precious, my time is precious, and wasting it is no fun for anyone! Don’t be afraid to reach out though – if I can’t take on your project or don’t feel I’m the right designer for you, I can often refer you to someone who is!


What do you need from me to get started?

If you’d like me to quote on creating a custom design or setting up your files for the laser cutter, I’ll need a clear sketch of your design that includes colours/materials, the width and height of your design and the finished quantity (ie ’10 pairs of earrings’). Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the Vector Etch processes as I can only give general info and it speeds things up if you can come to me armed with a bit of a basic understanding of how laser cutting works. If you’re a beginner, don’t be afraid! It’s a lot of info to take in but reading over the Vector Etch website (particular their tutorials and FAQ section) should clear up the basics and I am happy to answer any burning questions you may still have, if I can! Once I have that info I can send you a quote and if you’re happy to proceed we go from there! If you’re contacting me about branding or other design projects, just give me a brief run down on your business and what you need and we can have a chat from there.


I am a new accessories label just starting out. As well as helping me to create some custom designs for laser cutting, can you also design my logo?

Absolutely! I love working with makers to bring their new biz to life through branding, custom artwork + printed collateral! I even have some great small biz starter design packages available that include branding, social media assets and a print item like business cards, earring backing cards or an ‘about me’ postcard for your customers!


Are you affiliated with Vector Etch?

Vector Etch are a bunch of legends and I’d be proud as punch to be associated with them in any way - BUT we are two separate businesses. I work to their specs and recommend them for anyone wanting to make laser cut jewellery. They specialise in cutting for jewellery (a lot of laser cutters aren’t interested in handling small pieces!) and are excellent at what they do. I supply the files you need to place your order directly with Vector Etch. So while I can give some general information about their processes in relation to my services, I can’t comment on their pricing or answer any of the nitty gritty stuff. Their website is fantastic and full of information catering to the beginner so it’s a good idea to have a thorough read of their tutorials, FAQs and requirements before contacting me. That said, I’m always happy to help so don’t be afraid to ask me questions – I’ll just direct you to VE if I can’t answer them J


Can you work to other laser cutter specs?

Yep! I sure can. While I highly recommend Vector Etch, I also understand that some people have preferred laser cutters they wish to work with. In this case, I just need to know the specs for your chosen laser cutter in advance. Some specs are standard across the board but most laser cutters will have their own unique list of file requirements so it’s important you let me know before we begin working on your project.


Did you get my email?

Yes! Thank you for contacting me! I’ll always aim to get back to you within 48 hours however during busy periods it may be longer. To give myself blocks of solid design time, I only check email at certain intervals throughout the day. Of course, sometimes emails do go missing or occasionally get missed, so if you have not heard back within 48 hours, feel free to send a quick follow up on the same thread as your original enquiry.


Can I contact you via Instagram?

Sure! Instagram is a great way to reach out! Though once we’ve taken the chat over to email it’s best to stick with the email thread so we don’t miss any important updates to our convo. If you’ve already emailed me, no need to follow up with an insta message – I’ll come back to your email within 48 hours. If you haven’t had a response within 48 hours, feel free to send a quick email follow up on the same thread as your original enquiry.


Can we talk on the phone?

The short answer is no, sorry! While I used to take calls, I am now a predominately online business. This means I am contactable via email only. I made the decision to ‘go dark’ on the phones a year ago and found that it best suits my work flow and ensures I am able to dedicate uninterrupted blocks of time to the most important part of my business – the actual designing! It helps me allocate time fairly between clients while maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and also means we have a handy ‘paper trail’ of ideas and comments for us both to refer back to (I’m terrible at hand-scrawling notes over the phone!). I do check emails at regular, allocated times throughout the day so I’ll always get back to you as soon as I can. That said, there are always exceptions, and sometimes a quick phone chat is the best way forward when working on larger or long-term projects. Rest assured if this is the case, we can arrange one at a time that suits us both.


That’s a lot of info. Now I’m a bit scared.

Yikes! It is a bit of info to take in, I know, but please don’t be scared! The above is a guide that I’ve built to help us get the most out of working together – not to intimidate or scare you! So never be afraid to get in touch or ask questions. I do recommend reading the above thoroughly (along with Vector Etch FAQs and tutorials if you’re contacting me about custom jewellery work) before we chat – a basic understanding of how the process works helps us to kick off on the right foot, keep things moving along and get started as soon as possible on your project! Yay!


OK – I’ve read the above and familiarised myself with Vector Etch processes and I’m ready to work together!

Huzzah! Great news! Get in touch via my contact page and let’s make some cool stuff together!

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